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Step 1. Believe

Step 2. Decide



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Free Monthly Themed Group Coaching

Open your mind to new ways of thinking. Walk away with new self-awareness, and actionable take aways to improve the quality of your work and your life. 

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Virtual Group Coaching

  • Find Peace: Learn to Self-Regulate Your Emotions 
  • Find Power: Apply Psychology to Your Relationships
  • Find Purpose: Get Clarity on your Career and Life Path
  • Access to our Conscious Community for ongoing support   

Develop Self-Awareness

Weekly on Tuesdays 12.00-13.00pm


Step 3. Commit

Step 4. Succeed


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Your Stress Triggers & Blinds Spots 

One month paid course @ £777.00

We are making deep hyper-personality profiling psychology accessible to all seeking to stop letting stress get in their way.

Ready to uncover your stress triggers and your blind spots?

Discover Your PCM Profile  

PCM Personality Profiling

  • Receive your 30 page PCM Report defining your  subconscious stress patterns getting in your way
  • Understand your sub-conscious psychological needs for motivation and stress management  

  • Diagnose where to focus your self-development efforts for high impact 
  • Access to our Premium Conscious Community for ongoing support  

Discover The Power of PCM

4 week course Tuesdays 4.00pm-6.00pm

Runs every month




Take our Coaching Intensive

One to One coaching for high stake changes needed in 90days

For CEOs | Senior Leaders | Sales Leaders | New Managers | From All Industries

High-Performance & Life Coaching for Executives

with Lauren Cartigny


If you have high stakes and high pressure to deliver, if you want to make a high impact onboarding a new role or make a quick turn around in your mental health and results, then our Transformational Coaching Intensive is right for you. 

Fixed fee with measurable and tangible performance results. 

Solve your professional and personal challenges at the same time!

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