Self-Discovery Course

October 2022


Invest 60mins A Week In Yourself

 Weekly on Tuesdays 12.00-13.00pm on Zoom
We cover all three pillars of Self-Discovery: Peace, Power and Purpose. 


Why we do this?

Our goal is to give you the motivation to help you set aside 60mins a week to invest in yourself!
This is our way to support professionals to understand why self-awareness development is so key to mental health and performance to encourage them to invest in themselves, whether it is with our services or others'.
The content here in infinite! :-) 


What is this for?

Uncover your subconscious tendencies getting in the way of reducing stress, improving relationships and reaching your career and life goals. Every month is a new experience, which builds on another.
Lasting change only happens with consistent small incremental discipline and support.


Who Is This for? 

This course is for Professionals in the Tech  (IT services, BPM , SaaS, IaaS, AI, FinTech and the rest ... ). You will be learning with others who understand the pressure your industry's continuous fast change brings, on top of high pressure jobs. 

If you are looking to take your power back and accelerate your growth through self-mastery, this if for you. 


For Professionals Under High Pressures




Open your mind to new ways of thinking. Walk away with new self-awareness, and actionable take aways to find Peace, Power and Purpose.

This free Self-Discovery Course is a group coaching and training experience.

Participants can choose to anonymise their name on Zoom if they wish. 

In this 60mins session:

  • We start with a short meditation
  • Training content is delivered 
  • Virtual breakout sessions to share experiences with clear guidance

The program focus this month is developing TIME MANAGEMENT skills.

Access to 4 x 60mins sessions on Tuesdays this month.

Register once for access to all 4 sessions zoom link. 

  • 1st Tuesday -  Time Management & Stress 
  • 2nd  Tuesday - Time Management & Relationships 
  • 3rd Tuesday -  Time Management for managing your Career and your Life
  • 4th Tuesday - Q&A session to deep dive in anything you want

New self-awareness is unlocked when people share their experiences, and everyone learns from each other.

We look forward to seeing you soon!




Stress & Anxiety

Have more clarity in times of chaos by learning to access a state of calm when you need it the most.

Develop new self-awareness and skills to improve your well-being and performance.

  • Stress & Motivation  
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Manage emotions
  • Well-Being for performance 


Quiet Your Mind


First Tuesday of every month 



Tension & Conflict

Grow in compassion for yourself and others to build closer relationships by learning the psychology of relationships.

Develop relational-awareness for more productive relationships.   

  • Relationship Management
  • Adaptive Communication
  • Invisible Group Dynamics  
  • Conflict Resolution  


Manage Relationships


Second Tuesday of every month 



Low Motivation 

Increase your confidence to design the life you want for yourself by stepping into your power.

Get clarity on your career and life path to find more joy and meaning. 

  • Professional Branding
  • Public Speaking
  • Interview Techniques
  • Career Management


Make a Difference

Third Tuesday of every month 

"I attended one of Lauren's workshops, and found them super valuable. I got new insights on how I think and how it can not be helpful sometimes, and practical tips to over come my tendencies when struggling to say "no" ."

Anna F

"At first I was skeptical, of yet another training but during the live group session, I felt so much better about myself. Thank you Lauren, for helping me create time for me again and regain my confidence."

Roxanne F