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Our Methodology

Our Business & Life learning and development programs are backed by experience, deep proven science, certified training and coaching. 
Our teachings are inspired from NLP Practices, Gestalt Psychology, the International Coaching Federation Standards, Mindfulness practices and the Process Communication Model which originated from clinical psychology. 

We have been working to test and refine these programs in the last 3 years, and now ready to make them accessible to professionals looking to take control back of their work and home lives.


The Process Communication Model®  

The Process Communication Model®  used by over 1.4 million people so far and renowned brands, such as NASA, BMW, Pixar, l'Oréal, IKEA, Coca-Cola, educational and governmental institutions.

PCM is used to empower Leadership, Recruitment, Sales and Marketing teams with personality profiling for stress management and adaptive communication by building self-awareness of personality types, psychological needs and predictable stress responses.

The Process Communication Model® is an award-winning tool for decoding human interaction, developed by clinical psychologist, Dr. Taibi Kahler.

Practicing PCM, enables us to recognise each other's different personalities and needs to adapt and connect to the best in everyone to drive better relationships, results and improve well-being. 


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Invest 60mins A Week In Yourself

 Weekly on Tuesdays 12.00-13.00pm on Zoom


Monthly Self-Discovery Course

Our goal is to give you the motivation to help you set aside 60mins a week to invest in yourself! Growth and transformation only happens with consistent incremental effort, and we are here to support you through it.

Uncover your subconscious tendencies getting in the way of reducing stress, improving relationships and reaching your career and life goals. 

 Who Is This for? 

If you are in the Tech industry (IT services, BPM , SaaS, IaaS, AI, FinTech and the rest ... ) you will be learning with others who understand the pressure your industry's continuous fast change brings on top of high pressure jobs. 

All seniority of professionals welcomed, as the Human Operating System works the same for everyone. We can learn a lot faster by mixing with divers people to open our mind to thinking differently.

This is for professionals looking to take their power back and accelerate their growth through self-mastery. 


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Meet The 6 Personality Types we all have within us

Thinker Type

"People with a lot of Thinker energy are
responsible and logical."

Rebel Type 

"People with a lot of Rebel energy are spontaneous and creative."

Persister Type 

"People with a lot of Persister energy are dedicated and attentive."

Dreamer Type

"People with a lot of Imaginer energy are imaginative and calm."

Promoter Type 

"People with a lot of Promoter energy are direct and charming."

Harmoniser Type 

“People with a lot of Harmoniser energy are warm and compassionate." 

Discover how to best communicate

with the 6 PCM Personality Types 

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