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4 Ways to reduce stress

mindfulness peace self-awareness stress management Mar 30, 2022

We are not designed to be in a constant fight or flight response. Our emotions are our bodies way to tell us how it wants us to calm our nervous systems!

Option 1 - Breath-work

Our breath is the cheapest and most effective and immediate way to sooth our nervous system to access a state of calm when we need it the most.

Option 2 - Mindfulness

Slowing down to be more present is a way to stop worrying about the past and stop anticipating the future. When we are present our ego, which is the major cause of our unsolicited fears, cannot exist.

Option 3 – Self-Awareness

Different personality type will have different predictable stress patterns. Being aware of your predictable stress sequence, helps you build self-awareness to notice when you start feeling negative emotions, so you can take action before they become really strong and you lose all clarity of thoughts and start engaging in unhelpful behaviours.

Option 4 – Communication

Stress impacts our communication, which impact the quality of our relationships.  

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Two Books to Read


If you like a more rational approach … Read The Chimp Paradox

This book explains how our ego works to sabotage us, and how we can visualise intangible feelings to try to make more sense of them. This book can help you take control back of your thoughts, instead of feeling highjacked by your Ego Chimp! It was written by the GB Cycling Olympics winning coach. When we take control back of our mind, we can improve our well-being and improve our performance. Fact!

Reading this book can help you find more self-compassion for our dysfunctional thought patterns. However, changing these thought patterns, will be very hard on your own. This is why I founded The Self-Science Lab, a place to support your personal and professional development ins a safe space with your peers.

If you are more into mindfulness … Read The Power Of Now  

This explains why when we are present, anxiety and stress go away. Enough said.

It will explain the only 3options we ever have in time of crisis to reduce overthinking and rumination.

Adopting and practicing mindfulness is the mother of all shortcuts to master our emotions and learn to access a state of calm on demand.

An ongoing journey I invest it, which is transforming my life every day. An investment in terms of time and energy worth making and the most cost-effective way to heal ourselves from suffering.

 Lauren Cartigny is an ICF certified professional coach in individual, leadership, team, and organisational coaching, and the founder of The Self-Science Lab Ltd, a community of conscious professionals on a self-discovery journey to transform the quality of their work and home lives. 

Article Published on Lauren Cartigny's LinkedIn Profile on the 30 March 2022

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