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Why high-performance comes from a place of well-being

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The truth is that performance and well-being today are treated separately in organisation while they are intrinsically linked. The problem with this is that well-being interventions are often not treated seriously and not linked to increased performance. People often wonder, how will it help me hit my targets, and get more work done? Focusing on performance training when people are in a low energy means, the learning won’t be applied, so neglecting well-being when training on high-performance again wont work either. 

If performance is a question of energy ...

It is when we are in a positive state that we find energy, courage and strength to step out of our comfort zone. That is when we find confidence to try new things, apply new learnings and new way of being.

When we are in a negative state, we will have low energy and have to fight against ourselves to get things done. Everything becomes harder when we feel resistance and have low energy, so we don’t perform as well. This happens when we have negative emotions and can’t access our clarity of thought.

Yes, it is that’s simple!

Do you not have days where you do a day’s work in 4 hours, and other days when it takes you 4 days to do a day’s work?!

And energy defines Well-Being ...

According to The Process Communication Model®, when we have more energy, we can better adapt to situations by accessing parts of ourselves which we may not be used to using. When we have low energy, we lack the ability to adjust and we become fixed and resort to known ways, which may not always be helpful if the situation requires you to tap into parts of yourself which aren’t as comfortable or known.

Energy management is linked to how we manage our thoughts, feelings and body. Most people will resort to exercising, managing their sleep or nutrition to increase energy. And yes, that helps, but it cannot be enough when we are under severe pressure or managing crisis.

Leaders who can learn to leverage managing the quality of their thought and managing their emotions have a competitive advantage in managing their energy.

This is why I work with The Process Communication Model®, which reveals your psychological needs which create energy to recharge your emotional batteries. When these emotional needs are not met, we will be more prone to feeling negative emotions from stress because our battery is empty!

Then doesn't performance comes from a place of Well-Being?  


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Prioritise feeling energise to perform well 

When our mental, emotional and physical needs are not being met, we won’t have the energy to adjust and adapt in the best way needed to optimise decision making and performance.

Just like Leaders are mindful of how they communicate when they try to persuade a team of people to back their decisions, as much attention should be placed on, how do I make sure I show up with a positive energy when I start my day. This is as fundamental in terms of impact, because energy is contagious, and the way you show up will influence your team. 

The Leaders I work with are always surprised on the productivity increase of their teams simply because they show up in a great positive place.

Yes, it can be that simple!  

However, because we are conditioned to perform from a place of overworking, and sacrifice, it can be hard to believe that we can perform better working less and with more joy! easy to say, much harder to do as it involved re-educating our subconscious patterns! 

If you are intrigued, about how to preform from a place of well-being, get in touch.

Lauren Cartigny is an ICF certified professional coach in individual, leadership, team, and organisational coaching, and the founder of The Self-Science Lab Ltd, a community of conscious professionals on a self-discovery journey to transform the quality of their work and home lives. 

Article Published on Lauren Cartigny's LinkedIn Profile on the 8 Feb 2022

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