Because we don't know, what we don't know.

In this disconnected world, to rebuild a sense of belonging and connectedness with others, the first step is reconnecting and better understanding ourselves. 

We can't engage in positive interactions with others, if we are not feeling in a good place in our minds, heart and body. 

Because we can only see in others, what we can see in ourselves, it is the will to develop self-awareness and live from a place of conscious intention that we can make better decisions for ourselves and others. 

If you believe you are the creator of your own reality and you are ready to make a change in your life, here is some thought provoking content from our Founder, Lauren Cartigny, to identify blind spots and develop a competitive edge at work and at home to win at the game of life!

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IWD2022: Could gender balance be a question of masculine and feminine energy? gender balance leadership self-awareness Mar 08, 2022

Gender Balance is often discussed at organisational level. In this video I focus on Gender Balance at an individual level.

What is your energy balance within yourself? Can you access more masculine traits as feminine traits? We can also refer to this as more Yin and Yang energy.

Often the debate...

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Gender Balance: Adjusting your Masculine and Feminine energy to step into your power gender balance high-performance coaching Mar 06, 2020

Traditionally gender balance makes reference to the number of people in teams of each gender at different levels of the organisations. This topic is often related to conflicts, stereotypes, power imbalance, injustice, lack of productivity, sexism, isolation and the list of issues associated goes...

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