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Just like muscles need to work out regularly to build up,

to re-wire our sub-conscious thoughts, emotions and actions,

we need to develop new self-awareness and practice, practice, practice.


The world of self-development can be overwhelming.

We can be led to invest in the wrong solutions because we don't know what we need. When we better understand ourselves, we can take control back of our self-development journey and seek the right resources to make a real lasting change. 

Step 1 - Believe you can change. 
Step 2 - Decide on a Coaching Circle theme
Step 3 - Commit to attending regularly
Step 4 - Succeed in making a lasting shift.




Executive coaching costs between £2,500-£10,000+. We want to make coaching more accessible to all. 

We support you with your self-development at the pace and budget of your choice.

Which area do you want to develop? 

This series of group coaching service was designed for us to meet you where you are at.

How it works?

  • Try Us Once for access to our Membership for 90 days.
  • Commit to different journeys based on your needs

Not sure where to start?

We recommend you start with our "Find Peace" Group Coaching Circles. 

Because it is very difficult to change our behaviour in relationships or be more influential if we don't know how to be calm when we are surrounded by chaos.

For those who like variety, pick a different theme every week.



Stress & Anxiety

Learn how to self-regulate your emotional state to be more calm.



Peace Circles

Quiet Your Mind  

  • Stress Management Teachings
  • Breakout Rooms to unlock new self-awareness 
  • Make Mindfulness & Meditation work for you
  • Learn to be more Calm 


Tension & Conflict

Learn communication skills to feel comfortable having difficult conversations.



Power Circles

Improve your Relationships

  • Conflict Management Teachings 
  • Breakout Rooms to unlock new self-awareness 
  • Make power and group dynamics work for you
  • Improve your relationships

Find Your Voice

& Increase In Influence

Get clarity on what drives you. Find your authentic voice, align with your purpose.



Purpose Circles

Make a Difference

  • Assertiveness Teachings
  • Breakout Rooms to unlock new self-awareness 
  • Improve your professional brand and inspire talent to follow you
  • Learn to have more influence


Reading books and listening to podcasts may open your mind to new ways of thinking about yourself, your relationships or your situations, however it wont result in lasting change for the things which you find more difficult.


Because we cannot change what we cannot see.


95% of our thoughts, feelings and actions are sub-conscious.



We don't  know what we don't know. 

That's why we need others to help us see what we are blind to which hold us back. Our resistance to change is high and it is sub-conscious. So we need more than simply content to help us shift our way of thinking to re-wire unhelpful thoughts, emotions or behaviours.

Today professional and personal performance tend to mostly successfully change by being supported through individual coaching which can be very expensive.

We are making the science of self-transformation and self-knowledge accessible to all who want to take control back of their lives at work and at home. 

We can brings our sub-conscious patterns into conscious knowing by developing self-awareness.

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