10 Day Meditation Challenge

January 2023


Find Peace for 10mins EveryDay

On Demand recordings released daily 


Who Is This for?

For people who want to develop a daily practice

to learn to access a state of calm when they need it the most


You will receive a new recording every day of 15mins to do in your own time. 

You will then be invited to share your experience in our community as the support of others is key for accountability. 

A great way to meet other Leaders committed to self-development and seeking to learn how to perform from a place of well-being. 

Practice guided breathing

before you meditate


Because meditation is hard.

Sitting still with our thoughts is what we spend all day every day avoiding. There is scientific reason to that.

Yet, learning to meditate is the fastest short cut to reducing stress & anxiety and improving how we experience life.

Learn to successfully create a new habit to meditate every day for 10mins, in such a way that you look forward to it.


After a successful international career in Tech Sales, Lauren Cartigny faced a burnout.

Meditation and guided breathing played a big part in her recovery. 

As a yoga teacher, Lauren guides meditations and breathing exercises with her coaching clients and wants to share with more people.

Lauren is also the Founder of The Self-Science Lab, a training and coaching company, specialising in self development for Leaders seeking to transform the quality of their lives both at work and at home by developing self-awareness, communication and leadership skills.

About Lauren

"I attended Lauren's workshops, which started with a meditation at the start and found it really helpful to help me slow down when I am on auto-pilot and reset for the rest of my day.


Mark R

"I have always wanted to meditate but I found it too hard. Lauren's approach and the music used helps me access a state of calm very quickly. I strongly recommend it to any one new to mindfulness.


Anne F