Discover your PCM Profile to accelerate your self-discovery 

Discover Your PCM Personality Profile to identify your sub-conscious motivational drivers and predictable stress patterns to take control back of your thoughts, emotions and actions to improve the quality of your work and your home life.  

Get unstuck, find more peace and confidence to bring your mojo back to reach your goals and transform your career.

This is for professionals seeking a fast turn around to get unstuck or level up faster in their work or home lives. 

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Elevate your energy to improve your well-being  

Once you understand your psychological needs, you can tailor your reports well-being suggestions' to commit to new daily and weekly rituals which will keep you energised, motivated and give you indicators on how to reduce stress and access your magic.


Discover what holds you back to improve your relationships 

Bringing out the best in you and your team, by better understanding the role you play, how you show up and how you communicate in relationships. By knowing how your predictable stress patterns are getting in the way of building meaningful and constructive relationships, you can learn to self-regulate to connect to the best in others as a Leader or as an Individual Contributor to get the results you want. 


Identify your blind spots to transform your career and your life

If you feel stuck, lost, under performing and struggling to make decisions about your career or future, your sub-conscious patterns are at play. We cannot change, what we cannot see.  Discover what you don't know about yourself. Uncover AHA! breakthroughs in self-awareness to see what is getting in your way. Receive recommendations of interventions which can best support you with the next steps of your journey to make a lasting change.

You’re just a few steps away from discovery what subconscious patterns getting in your way so you can work and live better.

Why does it matter?


95% of our thoughts, feelings, and actions are driven by our subconscious mind. 

Start your high-impact express journey to accelerate your recovery and your success. 

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Your PCM Profile

Receive your 30 pages PCM Profile describing your personality structure, your psychological needs, your predictable stress patterns and well-being plan recommendations.

Access to an online members area with PCM summary mini course to review anytime. 

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Group Coaching

Receive 4 x 2hrs group coaching debrief with a PCM certified coach. This will allow you to ask specific questions on how to apply PCM to help identify where you ay be stuck and how to reach your goals. 

Unlock new self-awareness breakthroughs!

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Lead With You Community

Join our free community to continue your journey with other professionals to expand your self-awareness with peers because it is easier to see in others, what we can't see in ourselves. 

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 Transformation Stories

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More About PCM 

A personality profile used by Nasa to predict stress behaviour and infer relationship dynamics in astronauts!!

We use it to help you discover your predicable stress patterns to develop new self-awareness faster!

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“I now understand my psychological needs, and what I need to re-energise based on my personality type. Thanks to my PCM profile, I can now recognise my predictable stress patterns, to better manage my stress and anxiety so they don’t  escalate.”

-Ben Davies, CEO @ New Peak Partners


It hit me that the way I was managing my own well-being was having an impact on the team's well-being and I saw a boosted in moral, productively and strengthened our company culture.”

-Stephanie Utting, Managing Director @ emc3


PCM is a tangible framework I now use to manage my stress and better support my team by anticipating their needs. My relationships and influence have improved from adapting my communication to different personality types.

-Steve Aird, Head of Strategic Sales UK @ YouGov

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