Transformation Stories


Following their transformation, these Conscious Leaders found great power in their vulnerability, which resulted not only in business and personal wins, but also in finding the courage to share their story to inspire others to start their self-discovery, as a means of prevention of burnout and accelerator of performance.

Watch as they share in more detail their challenges, their breakthroughs and advice for professionals seeking to better adapt to these new times by increasing their level of self-awareness.


You can perform from a place of well-being!


Are you brave enough to ...

Become Comfortable With The Uncomfortable




Because feeling stuck, anxious, under-performing, being unhealthy, experiencing tensions in relationships feeling lost in yoru career or your life .... all this is a product of your familiar self. Your ego is comfortable that way. If you want to change, you need to expand away from your familiar self into your unfamiliar self which you don't know yet, but is already inside of you. It is not as unfamiliar as you think, because what you seek is already within you. The inner work is to release the stuff that doesn't serve you so you can access your potential hidden underneath! 



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