Find Peace, Power and Purpose.  

We provide self-development training & coaching services for leaders who want to learn to perform from a place of well-being by taking control back over their emotions, their relationships and their results.
Stress Management | Communication | Empowerment 


After a successful international career in Tech Sales, my personal life and my health fell apart. I had a burnout.

Following my recovery, I have created transformative group coaching journeys and training programs for high achieving Leaders seeking to learn to perform from a place of well-being. 


About Lauren


Leaders can transform

their well-being, relationships and results

by developing self-awareness.


Stress & Anxiety

Learn how to self-regulate your emotional state to be more calm.


Quiet Your Mind

Stress Management


Tension & Conflict

Learn communication skills to feel comfortable having difficult conversations.


Improve Relationships

Adapt to hybrid working 

Find Your Voice

& Increase In Influence

Get clarity on what drives you. Find your authentic voice, align with your purpose.


Make a Difference

Present with impact

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